Thermal oxidizers

Thermal or catalytic oxidizers dispense with the emissions of unpleasant odors or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) your production process creates. To tackle your emissions issue with an integrated solution, we supply you with the ultimate thermal incinerators that seamlessly integrate with your processes.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery is the holy grail of all our innovative boiler technologies. APCS, our patented automatic in-line cleaning system, at long last ensures that the heat your production process generates no longer goes to waste and, that you get to cut your energy costs.

Optimum by Callens - Thermische navebranding

About Optimum by Callens

With its technologically innovative solutions, Optimum by Callens brings your industrial processes to the next level. Bespoke engineering ensures that our in-house developed thermal incinerators and heat recovery systems integrate perfectly into every production process. Since 2018, Optimum by Callens, like callensvyncke, has been part of the Callens Group. Driven by knowledge and efficiency, this joint venture enables us to meet your general heat demand. These days, Optimum Contracting bv is trading as Optimum by Callens.

Projects in the spotlight

Aside from a number of standardised concepts, our clients in various niche markets in the main rely on us to provide them with bespoke solutions because they know all too well that they can trust us to optimally integrate our systems into their production facilities.

These clients look back on a successful collaboration