Thermal incineration

Thermal incineration rids your production process of bothersome odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our thermal oxidizers seamlessly integrate into your production process and ensure that you meet the most stringent emission standards.


Boiler cleansing with APCS

APCS – our Automatic Pipe Cleaning System – allows you to clean your steam boiler’s fire tubes without switching it off. The system not only prevents corrosion and heavy pollution caused by flue gasses but also makes your plant significantly more efficient.

VOC treatment

VOCs stands for ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ and are the undesirable – and most hazardous – consequence of many industrial production processes. Via thermal incineration, we render them harmless and even generate some useful heat from them into the bargain.


Unique thermal incineration technology with proven results

Optimum by Callens’s thermal incineration technology is unique in its kind. It is sophisticated, first-rate, and delivers long-term results that meet the most stringent legal requirements. Both in terms of odour components and the combustion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our thermal oxidizers integrate seamlessly into your production process because the engineering is done in-house and is tailored to your specific situation. Every detail matters.

“More than 20 years’ experience under the roof of one knowledge centre. We combine technical experience with a pioneering spirit, and since 2018, also with the remarkable wisdom family-run business Callens is noted for,” says Niels Rozendaal, founder of and driving force behind Optimum by Callens.

High-tech & future-proof solutions


Strong project management with direct communication

Prompt service by qualified technicians

Focus on a more sustainable future


Projects in the spotlight

Aside from a number of standardised thermal incineration and APCS boiler cleansing concepts, our clients in various niche markets in the main rely on us to provide them with bespoke solutions and know that they can count on flawless system integration between our systems at their production site.

These clients look back on a successful collaboration