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About Optimum by Callens

Your specialist in deodorisation and heat recovery technology

2000 is a remarkable year in history and especially in the history of Optimum by Callens because that’s where it all began! The company was set up in Arnhem, the Netherlands, with as mission to bring innovative and technically sophisticated solutions, in the form of thermal post-combustion and heat recovery, onto the market. Niels Rozendaal, Senior Technical and Sales Manager, turned Optimum into a unique success by always putting the client’s solution, and not the product, first.

In the years that followed, Optimum developed a number of technologies and solutions for the various branches of the petrochemical, processing and food industry in-house.

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Optimum by Callens - Callens-groep

In 2007, a joint customer brought Optimum and heating and air technology specialist Callens together. Both were awarded the contract to develop the overall energy management structure and waste gas treatment system for a new factory. Optimum supplied the entire thermal post-combustion system and Callens took care of all the peripherals in and around the boiler room, i.e. the gas-fired steam boilers and all the piping. This project became the blueprint for many projects where Optimum and Callens collaborated to great success.

That collaboration was formalised in 2018 when Optimum joined the Callens Family and was renamed ‘Optimum by Callens’. Thus, Optimum was able to ensure its continuity, expand its service options and look forward to healthy future growth.

On the photograph from left to right: Annick Callens and Windy Moerman (CEOs Callens), and Niels Rozendaal (CEO Optimum by Callens)