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Boiler cleansing with APCS

Continuously cleanse your boiler with APCS – our Automatic Pipe Cleaning System. Especially if you are working with thermally incinerated flue gasses that will pollute your boiler downstream during the cooling process.

APCS keeps your boiler free from corrosion and contamination

The ‘Low Fouling’ boiler concept with APCS – the Automatic Pipe Cleaning System – keeps boilers downstream free from corrosion and pollution. This system allows you to clean the boiler’s heating surface while it is operational. Incidentally, there is also a semi-automatic version of APCS for the sulphuric acid and alkylation industry which can be retrofitted and is exclusively available from MECS/Dupont.

Optimum by Callens - Thermische navebranding

Heat recovery from flue gasses increases the need for APCS

Even though recovering heat from waste gas streams was extremely difficult, not to say infeasible until recently, Optimum has developed a technology that does just that.


While heat recovery is a popular concept in the chemical and petrochemical industry, also companies that use biomass-fuelled boilers, whose production processes release sulphur, and plants that rely on glass furnaces for their processes, weren’t long finding their way to Optimum. As it happens, the flue gasses being released during these production processes contain sizeable amounts of energy which are a major source of pollution while they are cooling in the steam boiler downstream, which is where our unique APCS boiler cleansing system will prove to be the answer!

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