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Heat recovery

Heat recovery is an important pillar of a more energy-efficient and sustainable production process. Over the years, recovering heat from polluting waste gases has become one of Optimum’s specialities.


Heat recovery opens doors

Even though recovering heat from waste gas flows was all just pie in the sky until recently, Optimum has managed to develop a technology that does just that.

While heat recovery is a popular concept in the chemical and petrochemical industry also companies that use biomass-fuelled boilers, whose production processes release sulphur and plants that rely on glass furnaces for their processes have found the way to Optimum. As it happens, the flue gasses being released during these production processes contain sizeable amounts of energy that create major pollution while they are cooling in the steam boiler downstream.

Optimum by Callens - Warmterugwinning

In-line cleaning system puts paid to shutdowns

Specifically for applications such as these, we developed the Low Fouling steam boiler concept, complete with our patented in-line APCS (Automatic Pipe Cleaning System). This system allows you to clean the boiler’s heating surface while it is operational.

Incidentally, there is also a semi-automatic version of the APCS for the sulphuric acid and alkylation industry which can be retrofitted and is exclusively available from MECS/Dupont.

Joining forces with Optimum by Callens stands for:

usp--persoonlijke aanpak

A personal approach to clients and staff

usp--eigen studiedienst

An in-house engineering department with experienced engineers


Total solutions and optimum integration

usp-technologieën betere toekomst

Technology for a better future

Optimum by Callens - Thermische naverbrander

In-line cleaning system puts paid to plant shutdowns

Looking to boost its production efficiency, this world famous chemical company ended up at Optimum by Callens. Our client now has a spanking clean facility that doesn’t need shutting down for maintenance again.

Optimum by Callens - Thermische naverbrander

Clever use of residual gas flow

Thanks to our engineering, this client’s residual gas flow has cleverly been put to good use. One of the residual gas flows of this resin manufacturer contains hydrogen, carbon monoxide and various hydrocarbons.