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Extremely powerful oxidizer switches from secondary to primary steam source swiftly

This potato processing plant received one of our most powerful thermal oxidizers to act as both the primary and secondary steam source. The entire furnace room took shape in collaboration with Callens and CallensVyncke.

Oxidizer kicks off activities in furnace room

The oxidizer was the first part of the entire thermal installation to activate the potato processing in the new factory. Thanks to its capacity of 18 MW and 25 tons of steam per hour, the oxidizer is perfectly capable to produce steam as a secondary or as the primary steam source. And that was and still is an absolute requirement.

The thermal oxidizer enabled an early start of the production line of French fries in the rising potato factory. He took up the role of primary heat source, delivering more than enough steam to peal, blanch and bake the potato products. In the nearby future our colleagues from CallensVyncke will start up their CHP installation, which will take over the oxidizer’s primary function of steam producer. The thermal oxidizer will then focuss on dispensing with the emissions of unpleasant odors or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and will switch back fluently when the CHP takes a break for maintenance for example.

Biogas as main fuel source

Biogas is the main fuel source of the thermal oxidizer. It’s a residual product that our potato processing customer obtains from his water treatment system. We were happy to adapt our installation to increase its sustainability.

Furnace room houses various heat technologies

To process the huge amount of potatoes, various heat technologies come into play. CallensVyncke is currently installing a CHP installation to produce both steam and electricity in an efficient way. On the roof of the furnace room, Callens’ ventilation system is taking care of clean air. Callens is, moreover, responsible for the balance of plant of the project, which results in perfectly tuned technologies. Monitoring the entire furnace is a central activity, which makes for a precise and efficient follow-up.

You can read more about the collaboration of the entire Callens-group in this article.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 18 MW
  • Baking fume processing capacity: 30.000 Nm3/h
  • processing capacity biogas: 500 Nm3/h