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Heat recovery for greater returns in the short and long term

Ever since our visit this float glass producer of American origin has been reaping the benefits of a heat recovery system that generates electricity via a steam rankine cycle.

The system was installed downstream of a glass furnace with an output of 850 metric tons a day. As our manufacturer had had his fair share of issues with filthy steam boilers at various plants, he didn’t have to think twice about contracting Optimum for this particular English plant. The investment in a heat recovery system led to greater returns in the short and long term because of the sizeable savings on electricity bills.

The system consists of two individual steam boilers, one that operates at 25 bar, the second one at 5 bar. Both boilers were fitted with the patented Optimum APCS system and all the peripherals such as a condensing tank and degasser. The steam generated is conveyed to a steam turbine-generator combination, which allows us to produce 2,200 kW of power per hour on average.


Technical specifications

  • Electric power generated: 2,200 kW/h
  • Maximum working pressure steam boilers: 25 & 5 barg