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Thermal oxidizer puts paid to smell at potato-processing plant

This project marks a unique moment in the Callens Group’s history: Optimum by Callens, sister company callensvyncke, and parent company Callens joined forces to deliver a stunning result.

Baking fumes with an overpowering smell

Our client is a familiar face at Callens, but this time round this potato-processing plant sought the advice of Optimum by Callens for another challenge. The thousands of potato products that roll off the belt every hour generously release their smell into the outdoor air. To contain that odour nuisance and make it possible to expand production in the future, Optimum by Callens designed a bespoke solution.


High-efficiency thermal oxidizer

We opted for a powerful thermal oxidizer to reduce the penetrating odour.

An excellent choice given the system’s extreme efficiency! Every hour a staggering 15,000 Nm3/h baking fumes undergo extensive treatment to neutralise the smell.


Technical characteristics

  • Maximum thermal capacity: 7.5 MW
  • Maximum steam pressure: 18 barg