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Thermal oxidizers

Optimum’s thermal oxidizers tackle both odor and hydrocarbon emissions. Temperature, optimal and homogeneous temperature distribution and residence time are all key to optimum removal efficiency.

Thermische Naverbranding

A cleverly designed burner system

A first bonus of the incinerators Optimum by Callens develops are the ‘adiabatic burn-out chambers’ they are equipped with. As it happens, the internal insulation system in this type of reaction chamber ensures that no heat is extracted and that we can guarantee optimum and complete oxidation. Needless to say, we select the burner in function of the application and usually fit it to an external stabilising chamber to guarantee the supply of the vapours to be incinerated. Once incineration is complete, the flue gasses are fed into a custom-built exhaust-gas boiler that generates steam or thermal oil.

Incidentally, our thermal incinerators can be fuelled by means of natural gas, biogas or light oil. At that, depending on the composition of the fuel and the waste-gas flow to be incinerated, we add a number of specific design details to your system. Biogas, for instance, contains sulphur, a component we want to protect your system against.

Optimum by Callens - Thermische naverbranding
Optimum by Callens - Thermische naverbranding
Thermische Naverbranding

Optimum integration with your production process

As important as the design of your thermal incinerator is its integration with your production process, your vapour extraction system, the power grid your incinerator is connected to and, in the case of biogas-fuelled systems, water purification. Optimum has a proven track record in this field and even anticipates any future changes to your production process.

With an installed base of more than 35 systems, the food industry, and more specifically the potato processing industry, has thus far been one of our major customers for thermal incinerators. In fact, 95 % of them rely on at least 3 Optimum systems within the group to combat their emissions. Aside from the food industry, also the chemical and processing industry is very much in the market for Optimum by Callens incinerators.

Joining forces with Optimum by Callens stands for:

usp--persoonlijke aanpak

A personal approach to clients and staff

usp--eigen studiedienst

An in-house engineering department with experienced engineers


Total solutions and optimum integration

usp-technologieën betere toekomst

Technology for a better future